2016 Wave Rising Series Dance Festival

In 2016, La P en V is honoured to be invited by WHITE WAVE to take part in 2016 Wave Rising Series Dance Festival from 17/6 to 21/6, 2016 at 92Y Harkness Dance Center, New York, United States.

舞蹈作品: 脈動
Programme name : Pulse

現今世代,人際關係錯綜複雜,人的情感會否因時代的變遷和衝擊而產生劇變……經分裂、沉澱、復合而轉化成新的形態 ?

Dance Description:
Interpersonal relationship has become so entangled and complicated today. Are human emotions vulnerable to the rapid changes and challenges of life…breaking down, precipitating, coalescing and finally transforming into a new kind of expression?